The great backyard playhouse project – part 1

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Ever since we moved into the house a year ago, I thought that the corner of our back yard that was too shady to grow anything would be the perfect spot for a play structure of some kind. I had a general idea of a “house” on an elevated platform, with a deck and a slide coming off of it. This corner of the yard is elevated and surrounded by trees, which gives it a tree-house feel.

So, when we saw a post on advertising a free play house, we jumped on it. The structure of the playhouse was in decent shape, and it came with a slide, a ladder and some other hardware. A few hours of wrenching and we had dismantled the structure and transported all the pieces to our house.

The structure was 4x6x8. I used that as the foundation of the “house” portion and bought some 4×4 and 2×6  redwood lumber to build out the deck’s structure. With a goal to reuse as much as the old wood as possible, I used the original  decking to build a platform underneath the house.

I also used the railing pieces from the original structure to form the new deck’s railing. I did have to buy new 2x6s for the decking.

The slide is attached at an angle off the deck and seems to come out from the trees.

The next step is to build the walls and roof of the house and then paint and stain the entire thing.

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