So long carpet, but am I ready for plywood floors? – Intro

We have carpet on our main level. We also have dogs and kids. So, you can imagine that we have lots of stains, dog hair and who knows what else calling our carpet home.

In every house we’ve owned up to this point, we had nice red oak hardwood floors, but the location and other amenities led us to drop that particular wish-list item when we bought this house. We talked about doing laminate, but then my wife stumbled upon some people on Pinterest who had used plywood planks for a hardwood-alternative.

At first, I was skeptical, then I started Googling “DIY plywood floors,” and the next thing I knew, I had a dozen little jars of stain and a piece of 15/32 plywood (why can’t plywood be normal dimensions?) ripped into 8-inch planks to use as a test.

The following blog entries will outline my successes and failures installing plywood plank flooring.

Here are some of the sites I visited for Inspiration:


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