With a permit, the basement project is now legal!

Thanks to my new building permit, the basement finishing project is now legal as far as the city of Lakewood is concerned.

After months of measuring, planning, drawing, re-meausuring, re-planning and re-drawing, I finally had my act together enough to gather all my plans and apply for a building permit.

I stopped by the permit counter on my way to get a hair cut thinking it would be a 15-minute process to get in and out. Two hours and $400 later, I left with a building permit and instructions on what inspections I need and how to request them. Unfortunately, I missed my haircut appointment.  It was a fascinating process watching all of the contractors come in to have their plans reviewed. I saw a number of basement finishes, a house addition and a solar installation all approved.

The first inspection I need to get is called the rough mechanical, which means my framing is on hold until I can run new combustable air vents to the furnace, add a new exhaust vent to the bathroom and get my new HVAC vents in place.

I had been going back and forth on whether I really needed the permit. I finally decided that the permit was a good idea for a couple reasons. First was safety. All of these building codes exist primarily to ensure that what you’re doing is safe. I sleep better at night knowing that my walls are fire blocked, my furnace is getting enough air, and smoke and co2 detectors are where they should be.

The second big reason is that a permit goes into my home’s permanent record. Our home value will go up with the addition of a new bedroom and 3/4 bath. And down the road, if we sell, potential buyers will have the piece of mind knowing the work was done according to the law.


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