Moving a wire and making lemonade instead

The original outlets

Every had a situation where something small cases the biggest headaches? The entire basement project has been on hold for a while because of one electrical wire that runs across the bottom of the floor joists in the exact spot I need to place fire blocking and the top plate of a wall.

But this has given me the chance to make lemonade out of lemons.

This wire runs from a GFCI outlet on one side of the kitchen to an outlet on the other side of the kitchen. I took everything a part and the outlet box was jammed with wires. Turns out that in addition to the feed from the GFCI, there were also wires to under-cabinet lights and two more outlets.

the wires poking out
Ready for the new box

One of these outlets was added later and placed about six inches away from the outlet. I never understood why we had two outlets so close to each other. Since we’re eventually going to put up a tile backsplash in the kitchen, I decided that I would kill two birds with one stone and remove the weird outlet, put in a double-gang box, pull the wire that’s holding up my basement project, and while I’m at it, install a USB outlet to charge our phones.

The new outlets and a hole in the wall.

So, I got the old boxes out and gave the offending wire a tug only to find that it’s nailed to the stud somewhere where I can’t get to it. I thought about running a new wire, but the GFCI is in a spot that makes it hard to access. So, now my only choice is to cut the wire, run it through the joists so I can start building my wall, and hope that there’s enough slack to make this work. That also means I’m going to have another wall plate in the basement ceiling, which is posing it’s own problems as there’s a soffit  going there.

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