Looks like the kitchen is coming first

So, while I’ve been planning the basement refinish project, my wife has been planning a kitchen update. So, guess what project we’re going to start with first?

We called Home Depot out to give us a quote on refacing our existing cabinets. Using Vinyl, not even wood,  panel doors, with a $800 promotional discount and free hardware, the quote still came out to $9,000!

Curious, I did a quick quote on cabinetdoorworld.com and the same number of unpainted MDF doors would run about $500. Tack on another $100 for shipping, $150 for hardware and hinges and we’re still under $1,000.

Considering that this project hasn’t been budgeted and is coming out of the funds I had in place for the basement project, I wondered if I could go any cheaper.

I found this post: http://ana-white.com/2013/09/plans/easy-frame-and-panel-doors which looks like a solid way to build cabinet doors. I used Ana White’s site to build a really neat sandbox with seats that fold into a cover, so I know she knows her stuff.

So, that’s where I’m leaning. I guess this means I’ll need to buy a table saw.

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