DIY Plywood Floors: How’s it holding up?


DIY Plywood floors one month later

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There's some scratches, but its holding up well.

It’s been exactly a month since I finished installing Plywood Floors. I still need to put up the baseboard and some transition strips where the floor meets tile, so the project isn’t actually “done” but that’s how most of my projects go. So, how are the floors holding up?

The only complaint I have so far is that the dogs’ claws have scratched the floor in a few places. I’m hoping that now that the Polyurethane has had a chance to cure, we won’t see any new scratches. I think the water-based polyurethane might not be as durable as the nasty, oil-based version. I’ll probably spend some time fixing the scratches, so stay tuned for that.

I was worried about the softness of the plywood, but so far I haven’t noticed any dings or dents. I really enjoy walking on the floor in socks. It’s still smooth enough to slide across.

Speaking of dogs, we had a bit of a GI incident when one of the dogs ate a rotten apple in the backyard. Cleanup was a breeze and confirmed that ripping out the nasty carpet was the way to go.

To clean the floor, we’re using wet and dry Swiffer sheets, which work great.

Also, I found this cool product called Roberts Wood, Laminate and Vinyl Putty that I’m using to fill in some of the larger gaps between planks. It goes on just like caulk: spread it in the crack and them come back with a wet paper towel or sponge and clean it off the edges. It comes in different colors to match different finishes. I found it in the Laminate Flooring section of Home Depot.

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