And so it begins

Chances are you’ve stumbled upon this site because you’re in the middle of a basement finishing project, or you’re researching the process to see if you really can do it yourself.

I’m just about to start my own basement finishing project and I’m planning on documenting the entire process. From planning, to permits I’ll do my best to share all the knowledge and tips that I glean along the way.

I’ll also review any tools that I purchase as part of the project.

Finally, I’m going to try and do this on the cheap. I mean, if I could afford to pay someone to finish my basement, then I wouldn’t be writing this!

I’m just a normal guy with a family and a day job. This will be the largest single project I’ve ever attempted. I’ve remodeled a kitchen from the ground up and drywalled a couple rooms, so I have enough knowledge to get into trouble. The rest will be a learning experience and I’ll pass everything I learn on to you.

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